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Special Message

Dear guests,

Protecting your health is a key priority of our hotel and our hotel has adapted its operations taking into account the new safety measures and health protocols proposed by the Greek government and the World Health Organization.
For the correct implementation of the above measures, some of our procedures as well as services have been modified in order to comply with the requirements of the health protocols.
Please find below a description of the steps for the implementation of these protocols.


New practices will be implemented by our employees who welcome guests to our hotel to ensure their safety.
Valet Parking service is suspended.
Heat measurement upon entering the hotel (Optional)
Guest’s entry
The front doors will be open to restrict touch and provide ventilation in the space.
The hotel staff will help you with your luggage, always using disposable gloves. Our guests are advised not to handle luggage carts on their own.
Luggage trays are disinfected after each use.
The rooming process of our guests will be implemented in the most intact way.
Reception area
The furniture in the lobby have been relocated to create the necessary distances during the presence of our customers in the area.
Frequently visited areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
Elevators and stairs
It is recommended where possible to use the ladder and avoid the use of elevators.
The elevator panels and the stair railings will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals (every 1-2 hours).
Special signals have been placed for the maximum persons per lift, (2 persons / Full family / up to 5).
Our guests moving on the stairs are asked to leave a safe distance between them
Special markings have been placed to create safe distances between our visitors.
Employees disinfect their hands or change gloves before and after each visitor transaction.
The check-in and check-out process will be limited or intact, where possible.
The key cards of the room are disinfected before being provided to our guests by placing them in a special container for disinfection.
There is the possibility of alternative check-in locations for cases of high volume of arrivals within limited time periods.
Lobby reception staff will provide guidance and support in maintaining a safe distance during peak check-in times.
Regular disinfection of reception desks (reception desk) is applied
Antiseptic is provided for use by the customer (in all public areas)
For all our guests there is the possibility of being informed about the accommodation policy and the measures taken to deal with any incidents
Visitors are provided with information on nearby health care providers and pharmacies as well as Personal Protective Equipment upon request.
The hotel has special equipment (medical kit) in case of suspected case, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, and laser thermometer.
Non-residents are not allowed in the rooms.
Extension of checkout and check-in duration between stays (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm). This change in the time between each check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between our different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as that adequate natural ventilation is followed.

Within the Hotel

In order to encourage and allow the right safety distance, the required procedures and protocols will be applied in all public areas to limit contact and exposure from person to person.
The frequent traffic areas of our visitors will be characterized as one-way and will include wider corridors, where possible.
Distance indicators will be placed on the ground in key waiting areas such as the reception point etc. to help our guests maintain proper safety distances.
The capacity of frequent traffic areas will be redefined to allow the appropriate safety distance such as elevators, shared toilets, dining areas, etc.
The hotel will provide information signs to inform visitors of recommendations, health warnings and instructions from EODY. The signage will include precautionary measures to protect visitors to protect themselves and others and best practices for maintaining safe distances.

Guest Rooms

Cleaning staff apply additional protocols and precautions for cleaning and disinfecting our guest rooms.
Room corridors
Enhancement of sanitation and disinfection services in all public areas and in particular in “frequent contact” objects (eg knobs, elevator buttons)
Trolleys, bins and other tools should be disinfected after each shift.
Items that have been requested by our customers, the cleaning staff will deliver them through a contactless process if possible and with the use of gloves.
Inside each room
Upon arrival, you will find antiseptic liquid in your room.
Rooms are cleaned and ventilated only at the request of the customer. In order to reduce contact between people the cleaning will be completed without the presence of the visitor. Our guests will have the option not to use the cleaning service.
Suspension of daily change of clothing and towels, the daily housekeeping service will be available only at the request of our customers.
Housekeeping staff will use a mask, and disposable gloves.
Cleaning staff use disposable cleaning equipment (cloths, disposable paper, etc.) in each room.
All decorative items (pillows, bedding) have been removed from your room.
Extra bedding and pillows that were previously placed in the closets of the rooms will be removed and will be provided only upon request.
All reusable items, such as menus, will periodically be removed from the rooms. Only disposable forms will be available in your room.
For the preparation of coffee by the guest in the room will be provided disposable materials and pre-packaged.
Increased disinfection of the following areas:
All handles
Security lock and safety eye
Surfaces such as desks, benches, tables and chairs
Telephone and keyboard
Light fixtures and their switches
Bathroom equipment, handles, taps
Coffee makers, mini bar
Furnishing fabrics and curtains with steam apparatus (temperature> 70 °)
Wardrobes, handles, hangers, clothes iron and ironing board, etc.

Placing used fabrics, bed linen and towels in special, closed bags or bags, in order to be transported to the laundry areas.
Disinfection after each use of the strollers for transporting the closed bags with linen.
Washing fabrics, bedding and towels in hot cycles (70oC or more).

Food and Beverage

We are committed to continue providing the same high food and beverage quality and the same service quality that our customers expect from us. New practices and protocols in addition to HACCP principles are being implemented to modify and adapt our current services to allow the required safety distances to be created and to reduce overall contact where possible.
Cleaning procedures
The cleaning procedures, disinfection and protective measures will follow the instructions of EODY.
The cleaning and disinfection process will be applied throughout the operation of our outlets.
The reception stations will be disinfected at regular intervals.
All catering equipment, common areas and frequently used areas (eg trolleys, meters, railings, serving trays) will be disinfected after each use.
Kitchens are cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. Meal preparation areas will be disinfected at regular intervals.
All table seats will be disinfected after each use.
Physical distance protocols
Markers or distance indicators will be used to encourage safe distance
The capacity of the dining room will comply with the provisions and instructions of EODY.
Shared furniture will be moved to ensure the required safety distance (both in the dining rooms and in the bar areas).
Bar stools have been removed according to EODY guidelines.
Service modifications
The menu will be online (QR Code). Our customers will be able to enjoy choices from our menus in their room as well as in all public areas electronically using their mobile phone. Plastic covered menus that will be disinfected after use will be provided at the Terassu Restaurant.
Breakfast will be on Buffet Style with physical distance measurements and protective glasses in front of all items.
Serving will be carried out only by the catering staff, who will carry the appropriate PPE and will comply with the basic measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
The use of common utensils / dispenser items, automatic serving machines (coffee, juice, etc.) will be done only by the catering staff, who will carry the appropriate PPE.
All service items on each table will be removed and replaced with disposable ones (eg, placemats, salt and pepper, toothpicks).
The room service will be carried out with a contactless delivery process.

Swimming pools

The furniture around our pool has been repositioned in such a way that the required safety distances are observed.
All furniture and equipment around our pool seats are disinfected per customer.
Water in swimming pools, hot tubs and spas is disinfected automatically and continuously through the existing equipment and the procedures followed. There will also be a manual control (or use of a halogen analyzer with a paper recorder) of chlorine levels during their operation every 4 hours. Regular pH measurement and maintenance.
The maximum total number of people entering our pool at any one time will not be more than one bather per 5m2 of water surface, 60 people.
Recommend the use of showers before and after using our pool.


Our gym will be open by appointment in contact with the reception department.
A required safety distances between the athletes in the training program and in the room in general will be kept.
The gym premises comply with the requirements and general guidelines of EODY.
The gym equipment has been repositioned as far as possible so as to create the necessary safety distances between the athletes.
All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned between workouts and / or after each use by the athlete.
Every athlete must use his personal towel in the gym.
Each athlete must have purchased an individual water bottle as the use of water coolers has been temporarily suspended.


SPA staff will take extra action and understand safety precautions as there is more person-to-person contact in this environment. These measures are designed with the safety and experience of visitors in mind.
Employees and Cleanliness
Each SPA area will follow all hygiene and safety guidelines for spa, hairdressing, fitness, sauna and retail.
Hand sanitizers have been installed at various locations on the premises for all guests and staff.
Employees and service providers should make use of personal protective equipment, such as a mask, gloves, and protective clothing, depending on the service provided. All PPEs should be replaced with new ones after each customer.
The SPA will maintain the existing high level of hygiene and disinfection on all frequent contact surfaces, workbenches, treatment rooms, common areas and reception and waiting areas after each use. Supervision will also be increased for the frequent implementation of safety and hygiene measures throughout its operation.

Special policies

Our first priority has always been, and will continue to be, the safety and well-being of our employees and visitors. Additional measures have been taken for the employees to ensure that everyone complies with the instructions and recommendations of EODY.
All employees undergo daily temperature control. Any worker who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has a temperature above 37 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to work and will be called back home immediately.
Employees will stay home if they do not feel well or have COVID-19-related symptoms. Workers who appear ill at work will return home.
Employees who come into direct contact with hotel guests are required to wear a face mask and gloves while interacting with them. All food preparation or handling personnel should wear a face mask, gloves and hair cap / hat while in any food preparation or preparation area.
The common areas of our employees (eg, break areas, dining room, locker rooms) will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
All employees have attended training on up-to-date health policy and general best practices. Areas of training include proper personal hygiene, preventive measures available, steps to protect employees and guests, and hotel cleaning protocols and requirements.
Cleaning staff has increased the frequency of cleaning, disinfecting surfaces and areas of frequent contact with cleaners approved to combat COVID-19.
Continue to use cleaning and disinfecting products with active disinfectant as effective disinfectants against COVID-19.
We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting food contact areas, such as:
Disinfection of surfaces and objects that come in contact with food after each use
We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting food contact areas, such as:
Disinfect frequently used areas once an hour, including front desk, lift buttons, stair railings, toilets, door handles
Additional disinfection stations have been added throughout the hotel in public areas.

• Has been appointed responsible for the management of a suspicious case
• Our hotel has a partnership with a secondary health care provider / doctor of similar specialty and experience who acts according to the instructions of EODY for the control of COVID-19 and in particular is trained in taking a nasopharyngeal sample for molecular control from a suspected case.
A. If a visitor develops symptoms compatible with COVID-19 infection, the following applies:
The doctor with whom the tourist accommodation cooperates is called to evaluate the incident.
If the patient has an urgent need for hospitalization, presents a serious clinical picture, we are informed by the Referral Doctor.
If the incident is assessed as possible COVID-19 by the examining doctor, the hotel health manager contacts IMMEDIATELY with the EODY at 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 (24 hours a day), to report the suspected case and instructions of.
The patient with a mild clinical picture remains in his room until the results of the laboratory test are announced.
During the above waiting, staff enter the patient’s room, unless there is a significant reason. If necessary, a staff member of the accommodation is advised to deal exclusively with the possible case.
The doctor and the hotel staff who will enter the room of the suspect or later confirmed case must use highly protective personal protective equipment (PPE) (masks, goggles, waterproof disposable robes). The same applies to staff cleaning a COVID-19 patient room.
If confirmed as a case of COVID-19, he is transferred to the special quarantine hotel and later to a health unit that will accommodate patients with COVID-19, if he needs treatment. If it is not confirmed as a case of COVID-19, it is treated at the hotel with the instructions of the treating physician.
The patient is transported with PPE (simple surgical mask) and private means of transport.
If there is a patient’s attendant who wishes to stay close to care for him (eg spouse), the attendant should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash his hands each time he comes in contact with the patient. with patient secretions (eg saliva) and definitely before the attendant touches his face or eats or drinks.
Each incident will be recorded with each analysis (calendar) in the Event Book (E.B.1)
The contact details of the patient’s relative are recorded (Incident Book (E.B.1)) in case consent is needed for operations where the patient cannot communicate.
Used protective equipment (simple disposable surgical mask, gloves) should be disposed of in a bin and should never be used again.

After disposing of protective equipment, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. It is emphasized that the use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means of prevention.
When the patient leaves the hotel, his / her room will be immediately removed from the available rooms until the whole room has undergone an extensive cleaning, disinfection and ventilation process.

B. If a visitor shows a high temperature in his thermometer upon entering the hotel the following apply:
1. If the visitor is a customer with accommodation in the hotel, he is accompanied to his room and the Referral Doctor is informed and the steps of A. of the present are followed. If the guest does not stay in the hotel politely he is not allowed to enter the accommodation.
C. If a staff member has a high temperature (above 37.5) in his thermometer upon entering the hotel the following applies:
The specific employee does not enter the hotel and returns to his room. If staying with a roommate, the roommate is transferred to an empty room provided by the hotel and stays there until it is confirmed that he / she does not have any Covid-19 related symptoms.
Call the Occupational Physician and follow his instructions. You enter the event in the event book.
The employee returns to work only if he / she remains fever-free for 24 hours without the help of antipyretics.